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2011.09.01 - green

MALVA introduces an absolute novelty in the field of seamless flooring. Het concerns the latest environmental friendly development in cooperation with BASF. The MALVA Mastertop+, a sustainable seamless Floor of which all commodities, from oil till the final product, can be reused completely.

ART-Kinderkribbe005With the Mastertop+ MALVA can give the guarantee that the floor is free from VOC (volatile organic compounds) This way a safe and healthy environment is secured.
The floor does not only have environmentally accepted and renewable ingredients, it is produced by the most sustainable manufacturer in chemical industry worldwide, BASF
With the achievement of the international AgBB certificate, the MALVA Mastertop+ is meeting all requirements placed on products with low emissions and making it a sensible choice. MALVA Mastertop+ is a highly flexible, UV resistant polyurethane floor. Main advantages are the sound insulation, less abrasion resistance and it will not discolor due to UV radiation. The seamless floor can be applied in mono and mix colors. The color range is very extensive, almost any shade can be made, of natural gray to a bright cheerful color. In addition, the ideal flooring with underfloor heating or cooling. Even when renovating a seamless floor is a good choice. It can be applied, when necessary, directly over a tiled floor without the cost for demolition. With a thickness of 3 mm minimum it's no problem in an existing interior.

MALVA bvba, by BASF certified as "preferred applicator".