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Points of attention Resin Flooring Systems

  • General conditions temperature between 15 – 25 ⁰C; relative humidity of max 70%.
  • Costs for ventilation, building dryers, heaters and/or coolers are for sponsors account.
  • Sponsor takes care that the site can be approached in a normal way; possible (traffic)obstacles are being removed in order to transport  materials and equipment without problems; maximum distance equipment to site will be 50 m¹. In case of sufferance rights, parking permits, reservation of parking places etc. the sponsor will arrange necessary procedures and is responsible for all resulting costs.
  • All working areas will be free of obstacles, dimensional stabile, cleaned, dry and free of elastic materials like foam, PUR and Bituminous  materials. 
  • In case skirts are not desired the wall finishing must be smooth and flat. The cutting of foam edges and the filling with acrylic mastic will be done by the sponsor, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Existing skirts will be painted by the sponsor after the Resin Floor is applied.
  • The sub floor is applicated  according to good craftsmanship  according to prescribed standards and has a compressive strength of at least 20 N/mm² .
  • A cement screed may have 4% moisture maximum before the work starts (new cement screeds must be minimal 4 weeks old) and a anhydrite /calcium sulphate floor has a residual moisture of maximum 0,5%.
  • In case of floor heating the complete heating process is being done long before the implementation date.
  • The floor is walkable after 24 hours and resistance for normal use after 48 hours. After 7 days resistant for liquids. (Note: no vapor barrier cover within 7 days)
  • With coating and Seamless Flooring, the present slope in the floor must be below 2%  and the subfloor must be very flat and free of cracks and holes.
  • The starting point is that the editing floor at the correct height are and any wells and / or profiles to the right height level are made.
  • In case of setting doors and frames you should consider sufficient free space under the door, the door must be removed before carrying out the work.
  • Drawing / qualification of Seamless Flooring with its varied hue are taste-related. Due to the irreversibility of the application process it is not possible to complain to the final result.
  • Damage caused by osmotic pressure or insufficient weather protection is beyond any warranty provision.
  • The subfloor has to be protected in a correct way against moisture, osmosis or any other influence from water. For example by a damp foil.
  • Compensation resulting from direct or indirect consequential loss is excluded, if this is not by liability granted.
  • If the floor is loaded with furniture and especially rolling office chairs, they should be equipped with special caps / wheels for hard floor coverings. For information check