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Care and maintenance for Seamless Flooring

It is important to remember that looking after your floor will extend its life cycle. Be careful putting furniture or heavy objects directly onto the floor – use fixed felt pads or Teflon pads under these items. Sharp objects can dent your floor. More information is available at

The first two weeks after your Seamless Floor has been laid, use a soft brush when vacuuming. Do not attempt to clean the floor with water during this period. A layer of ‘grease’ may form which is part of the curing process. After two weeks you will be able to wash the floor and remove the grease with the recommend cleaning fluids using cold water.

You can do this by hand or machine. You will notice that a lot of the dust particles that occurred while the floor was setting will have disappeared.
You can use a vacuum to remove general household dust, hair and grit. Coffee, tea and red wine must be removed the same day if possible. Stains can be removed by using the recommended cleaning fluid. More information is available at

Follow the manufacturer’s guide if cleaning the floor with a professional cleaning machine – this might be a preferred method of cleaning for large floor areas.

For domestic cleaning use a mild cleaning fluid and dilute according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Do not use products which contain soap!

Make sure that the cleaning is done evenly and do not scrub too long on one area. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
If you are finding that your floor is hard to clean it could be one of the following reasons:

  • Wrong cleaning product
  • The ‘grease’ layer built up in the first two weeks of the floor being laid has not been  removed
  • The floor is being cleaned with hot water which can lead to chalk formation

For details of all products and services please contact us.